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At the art of the environment

Holy David is building the future of art by deploying a virtual art production system and by printing artworks only with selected carbon neutral suppliers. Holy David wants to make art green and fully integrated with the environment.
Saturday, February 12, 2022

Some say it's crazy. But crazy doesn't mean impossible.

No studio. No emissions !

Reducing the impact of art on the environment starts with a revolution

Reducing the impact of art on the environment starts with a revolution

Art studios often need a lot of energy to function. A single art studio is made of rooms that require light, water and heat. In one year, a single art studio can consume as much energy as an office. Today’s technology, thanks to cloud and web, allows artists to dematerialise many art operations and to virtualise and entire art studio, from start to finish. Holy David choose to be a studio-free artist since the beginning to reduce one of artists’ biggest environmental footprint.

At the art of the environment

Using new tools to produce art means less pollution

The classic way of making art requires many toxic materials or the employment of natural resources to produce artworks. And that’s not the end. NFTs’ blockchain technologies need tons of power and energy to function and they pollute a lot. For his artworks, Holy David employs tools that use renewable sources and cloud-based software that have been built with the environment in mind. This way, Holy David’s artworks are not just a beauty to look at and to possess, but they also leave the Earth a better place than the one they have found.

Printing that doesn’t leave a print

Employing only suppliers that are carbon neutral and use recycled products

The materials used in printing and producing artworks are many and many of them are highly polluting and not recyclable. Holy David, since his first artworks, refers to zero-emissions suppliers that constantly work to reduce their impact on the environment. Holy David’s artworks are realised and printed on canvas that have been produced with recycled materials or highly recyclable materials, along with colours and inks with reduce levels of toxicity.

Moving hearts. Without moving art.

An artworks is never still. Art pieces have to be moved when needed for a showcase, an auction or a gallery event. And usually the means employed to move art release huge quantity of CO2 into the atmosphere. Holy David built Simulacrum, his cloud and web-based viewing room, to move his masterpieces to be moved only when needed and when strictly necessary. Thanks to his viewing room, his artworks can be looked at, zoomed in, showcased and finely analysed from distance without any kind of transportation required.

Non polluting tokens.

Waiting for more environment-friendly NFTs

Nowadays, NFTs revolutionised the ways of living and selling art. And Holy David is always happy when art revolutionises itself. At the same time, NFTs platforms require huge quantity of energy and this energy doesn’t always come from renewable and carbon-free sources. At the moment, this revolution is not doing good to the environment. That’s why, Holy David decided not to be on any NFTs system until the day when the environmental impact of these technologies will be reduced and optimised.

« The art of the future is green. And the future of art is green. I can not stress this enough. We have so many things to do that the most important thing now is to start somewhere, and then build from there. »

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