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Holy Holy David is Holy David's new creative campaign

Inspired by the words of a David Bowie's song, the campaign joins the past and the future of art together
Sunday, July 4, 2021

ITALY, June 24th, 2021 - Holy David’s new campaign is inspired by David Bowie’s song “Holy Holy” and speaks of an art that is leaving the past behind and heading towards the future and history.Inside the campaign, images from different historical times have been used, from the XIX century until now, and a rich part is dedicated to the second half of the XIX century.

XIX century and modernity

I wanted to use the photograpic imagery of the XIX century because it was a century of huge changes, turning points, crisis, innovations, inventions and tuner arounds, It wasn’t just the Century of the two World Wars, but also the century of cinema, photography, computers, Space and Art Avnaguards. It was the century that made us modern. And now, this is the century to reach the future.

The art of the future

Holy David is an artist that is constantly working to push the boundaries of art in places where no artist dared to go often.

Usually, artists talk about the environment and technology. But they often do not incorporate them inside their activities in a virtuous way. And that’s exactly the corner stone of the art of the future!

The art of the future is, for Holy David, a kind of art that knows how to incorporate virtuous processes and that openly faces the most critical topics of our time: technologyprivacy and environment.

Art and environment

Holy David, indeed, is the first artist ever without a studio since the beginning of his art career, reducing that way his environmental footprint, and he also uses cloud and web technologies that have been developed with the Planet in mind.

Art and privacy

Holy David has built his whole digital ecosystem in a way that allows to look at and enjoy all of hist artworks without putting at risk the personal data and digital identity of his viewers.

Art and technology

Last but not least, thanks to computational art Holy David has introduced a way of making art that doesn’t use technology as an empty and passive tool, but instead as an active and alive entity that influences the artist with his way of thinking and that speaks through the artist itself.

“Per volare nel futuro, è a questo che devono pensare l’arte contemporanea e gli artisti. Non possiamo dimenticarcene. Ed è questo che ho voluto proporre nella campagna: trasformazione, futuro, innovazione, storia.”

About Holy David

Holy David is the Italian contemporary artist that will introduce Computational Art to the world on 2022. He built Simulacrum, the new frontier for online viewing rooms, and he introduced a new way of living art where privacy and the environment are constantly respected and elevated.Holy David has never shown himself to the public and his identity is jealously kept hidden and never shared. Born on 1996, Holy David makes art since he was 15 and lives with technology since 18. When he turned 24 he had a revelation and understood that the art of the future is the kind of art where the human being and technology empower each others instead of competing with each others.

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