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Holy David guides contemporary art into a new era thanks to HyperArt

Computational Art is the new way of making and living art where technology is integrated as vital and funding part or the whole creative process instead of being used as a tool by the artist.
domenica 4 luglio 2021

ITALY — April 25th, 2021 — Holy David, the Italian contemporary artist behind Simulacrum, the new frontier for online viewing rooms, announced that on 2022 his worldwide reveal will introduce Computational Art to the world of contemporary art for the first time.

Computational Art is the new way of making and living art where technology is integrated as vital and funding part or the whole creative process instead of being used as a tool by the artist.Computational Art doesn’t interact with tech tools but precisely with tech organisms.

Memento, Holy David’s new and not yet revealed art collection will be a turning point for Art itself.

The artworks in Memento are the clear proof of how the art process can be transformed and elevated to never-reached-before heights when technology is not used but instead it’s let free to breathe its own life into the artwork.

The same way artists do and have been doing so for millennia.

Holy David becomes himself a living tool for technology, making it find its greatest expression, enriched and nurtured by the life of the artist himself.

Computational Art is like a double two-way process. On one hand, there’s the artist, the human part. The artist connects his life and experiences to technology and he is enriched by the point of views of technology itself. He is empowered by it. On the other hand you have technology, that can finally express itself, live and speak about its own existence through the existence of the artist himself.

Says Holy David, with a dreamy look.

For centuries, maybe even since the beginning of art, technology has been the subject of artworks, always represented and reinvented. In other times, artworks have been created with technological tools.

And lately, art is built by technology itself, left at its own devices.Computational Art fuses the Human Being and Technology in a Super Union, instead, where art concepts and art production are empowered and enriched.

It’s like having superpowers. When technology is not used and exploited as a simple tool or put on display as a freak, but instead you interact with it as if you had a living and breathing person in front of you, Art elevates to never seen before heights. It all happens when you listen to technology’s story, life and beliefs. The artist and technology join together and create Computational Art. Brain and silicon exchanging information and transforming into a single unity as one that has never existed before

By making Computational Art, Holy David brings the world of art not only to the technology realm but also to the future, and he brings technology itself in the history of art. Because the art he makes is not only generated and created using the tools of the future, but it’s also a type of art that has been nurtured by the way of thinking of technology and the suggestions the artist has saw while interacting with it.

The artworks in Memento, the 2022 art collection Holy David will reveal to an exclusive and selected audience right on Simulacrum, represents exactly this astonishing new way of making art that’s a huge leap forward if compared to the way we’re all used to - using tools as dead artefacts.

«Raffaello, Leonardo, Matisse, Monet, Koons, Hirst. They’re all great artist who made or make art and use tools. The technology they used or are using, from brushes to 3D printers, is just a tool, a factotum hiding behind the curtains, always repressed and silenced. It expands art potential but not as a free entity but as a being enslaved because of its greatness. It’s passive and exploited.

Computational Art lets technology speak instead, turning it into an interlocutor that’s on the artist’s same level, breathing life in it and, so, technology itself can create. And it creates artworks also through the suggestions of the artist.

Modern technology, thanks to machine learning, AIs, blockchains and cloud servers grows, builds itself and thinks. It’s fast, it’s an organism, It’s not just a brush, a silent piece of wood, but a living being in its own right.

Algorithms, softwares, drones, robots, sensors. They’re all extensions and components of a Living Being.

That’s why only in this century Computational Art can grow and prosper, the Interdigital Union of Human Life and Technological Life. It’s the dawn of the new way of making, living and experimenting with Art that will become the new normal

About Holy David

Holy David is the Italian contemporary artist that will introduce Computational Art to the world on 2022. He built Simulacrum, the new frontier for online viewing rooms, and he introduced a new way of living art where privacy and the environment are constantly respected and elevated.Holy David has never shown himself to the public and his identity is jealously kept hidden and never shared. Born on 1996, Holy David makes art since he was 15 and lives with technology since 18. When he turned 24 he had a revelation and understood that the art of the future is the kind of art where the human being and technology empower each others instead of competing with each others.

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