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The preview of Holy David's artwork was a huge success

Almost half a hundred people attended the Holy David Open Street on 18 September and had the opportunity to see an exclusive preview of three works from the 2K22 art collection
sabato 25 settembre 2021

TRENTO, 25 SEPTEMBER 2021 - Almost half a hundred people attended the Holy David Open Street which was held on 18 September at Studio44 in Trento. In the exceptional location, reproductions of three works from the 2K22 art collection were exhibited, the first HyperArt works of art in the world and the first works of an art collection to be printed in a completely carbon neutral manner.

The Open Street was held at Studio44, an innovative center that in Trento offers an avant-garde vision of psychotherapy and culture. Holy David has decided to hold its exclusive preview at Studio44 as a place of change is a turning point for paradigms. It is a place of the future as the art of Holy David is an art of the future.

Trento was chosen as the city of choice as an ancient city with a heart strongly full of art and modernity. A retreat between the mountains of Northern Italy and the Agate to a historical past of great revolutions and changes.

The studio opened its doors to visitors and welcomed any diversity.

Holy David himself was present throughout the event, welcoming visitors and bringing them in front of the reproductions of the HyperArt-style works. Entrepreneurs, students, designers, musicians, artists, tattoo artists, architects, journalists and innovators have listened to Holy David and observed the works, remaining entranced and enraptured.

From 10 to 18, Holy David was interviewed, questioned and filmed and the works could be seen up close before the rest of the world. The secret was kept by all present and no work was circulated outside the studio, both online and offline.

The fragments of works presented exclusively

The works from which the fragments are extracted are:




In addition to the fragments, previews of the complete works are exhibited with all the fragments united.

The works are in full HyperArt style and represent the synthesis of a new artistic language that derives from the Post-Internet movement and the Internet culture.

They are the first HyperArt works ever presented to the public.


HyperArt is an exaggerated, eclectic and self-referential way of making art that makes use of images and languages ​​that come from Google, from Instagram's Reels, from Amazon's product sheets and from TikTok. HyperArt works are maps that are lost, they indicate a way that indicates a thousand of them. They are not keys but many locks of as many doors.

The HyperArt style is free and queer, it is cacophonous and bright. It is beautiful and ugly, it is everything and nothing, it is maximum and minimum, it is sacred and profane.

It is cute but aggressive, artificial to the point of being natural. It is a dystonia of late capitalism so beautiful that it becomes a utopia.

HyperArt itself is a new language of art, which breaks away from the canons and reinvents art, rededicating its sacredness.

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